• I’m the first child in a family of 5 wonderfully unique people; I swear we’ll give the Kardashians’+ Osbournes’ + Simmons’ + any other reality TV family a run for their money
  • I wish babies were able to talk from day 1, it would save some of us the pain of answering to some names…out of the myriad of names bestowed upon me during my naming ceremony, only 2 make the cut…that’s a story for another day
  • I like big big grammar; my flat mate has told me repeatedly to keep it simple, my sister has told me that it’s cause of my love for big words and liking to feel knowledgeable that I’m yet to get hitched…I don’t care! Over 2 decades of reading all types of prose under the sun (Enid Blyton, Pacesetters Series, African Writers, Sheldon, Hadley Chase, Grisham, Jackie Collins, and Jeffrey Archer etc.) must count for something.
  • One word isn’t enough to describe me; I relate to people differently and as such their perception of me varies…I’m just me…whatever that means
  • I’m a walking paradox: talkative but secretive, gutsy/life of the party but shy, hard babe + cry baby, impulsive but cautious , loud but I internalize a lot, unconventional but I like structure…I’m still getting to know me.
  • I’m unapologetically vain…my steps are extra sprightly on days I know I have fab underwear/ shoes on, I love replying with brand names when someone asks about something I’m wearing.
  • I love music and can dance for hours on end… I don’t demand for much in the club, a fab DJ and I’m good to go
  • I’m a day dreamer; in my mind I’ve cured cancer, told my bosses where they can shove it, smacked that bitchy girl, set up my dream business, married Paddy Adenuga…you name it, I’ve achieved everything in my virtual world
  • I’m stubborn…it’s a family trait…enough said
  • I believe that laughter is the best medicine. I love being around funny people and will laugh at my mishaps no matter how cringeworthy

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